Pamplona, a pleasure for the senses

San Lorenzo Church
This religious building lacks architectonic value; however, it has sentimental value because it houses the San Fermin Chapel. Therefore, all the official religious events during the San Fermin Festivities take place in this chapel.

It was built in 1901 -according to the designs by Florencio Ansoleaga- replacing another Baroque church; only one tower remains of the original church. It is neoclassical inside and has a Baroque chapel dedicated to San Fermin, which was built between 1696 and 1717 under the request of the City Council. Said chapel was built by Santiago Raón, Brother Juan de Alegría y Martín de Zaldúa.

The geometric domes and the lantern located at the upper part are remarkable. There, an effigy of the saint is kept since 1717; that image is a 16th century silver plated statue of San Fermín on a silver pedestal. The peculiarity of this effigy consists in that we do not know whether the face of San Fermin was originally black or it got black due to the candles or the passage of time; in either case, it is a “dark-skinned” saint. The church also houses an 1883 image of Our Lady of La Dolorosa.
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City Hall of Pamplona
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